Naturpark Nordals

Rådhustorvet 10
6400 Sønderborg
Tlf.: 88 72 44 22

Sønderborg Kommune
CVR: DK29189773

Andreas Hermann

Naturcenterleder Naturvejlederne Sønderborg
53 62 90 64

Jane Frellesen

27 90 54 95


The park contains both large and small areas with naturally native plant communities. Experience the park's lakes, forests and associated plant and wildlife up close.

Cultural history

With a landscape marked by the last ice age, as well as relics from the ancient times and the Middle Ages, and recent half-timbered houses, there is plenty of history to experience in Naturpark Nordals.

Outdoor Life & Dissemination

Go hiking or biking in the beautiful countryside, or take a trip on the water in a dinghy, kayak or canoe. Naturpark Nordals offers a wide range of activities.