Outdoor Life & Dissemination


There are great opportunities for hiking in the entire Nature Park area, where many landscape types, habitat types and cultural-historical values can be experienced on your own. The Alsstien hiking route is 65 km long and follows the Alsic coast through the island's natural areas. The route passes through the nature park and is marked all the way. Along the route there are plenty of living areas and good rest areas.

Bicycle routes

Nordals offers good cycling opportunities with a very varied terrain. If you have a robust bike, it is possible to cycle on most of the Alsstien, just as there are several other bike paths and small roads that quickly lead you around the beautiful landscape. The cycle route "Lake and fjord landscape" includes Oksbøl forest, Brandsbøl forest and Nordborg, while the cycle route "north coast on Als" includes Nordborg Lake, Langesø and Lavensby.

Ridingroute Als

Riding route Als is 100 km long, of which the 30-40 km are on gravel field roads. The entire route is well signposted with references to hay hotels, hay tent sites, accommodation and rest options. The route also has a horse-drawn carriage route. There are folders and digital maps of the riding route's course and content. It is also allowed to ride on most roads and trails in the nature park area.


In Dyvig Bådelaug Marina there is a playground and shopping opportunities. At Dyvig Bro, yachts and bicycles are rented out. There is internet and barbecue areas on both sides and there are plenty of loading options for smaller boats, dinghies, kayaks and canoes.

Mjelsvig harbor is reached at the entrance through Stegsvig. The harbor is a private natural harbor, located undisturbed at the bottom of the cove. Here there are modern facilities and barbecue areas available to the harbor guests. It is also possible to use the toilet.


The nature park's long coastline provides the opportunity to experience life in the sea and fjords. Here are good opportunities to catch sea trout or flatfish, which is possible from the shore and from boat. It is also possible to experience both seals and guinea pigs. Angling in the lakes is organized through angling associations.

The sport fishing association Nordborg has the fishing rights to Nordborg Lake and Mjels Lake, where fishing requires a membership.


The many lakes, fjords, forests and the location make many birds rest and migrate through the area. You can therefore experience a large selection of Danish and Nordic birds, such as kingfishers, sea eagles or the large bird migrations of ducks that rest in the fjords. There is a bird lookout point at Oldenor and a lookout platform in Mjels Pumpehus.


A Grejbank has been established in Mjels Pumpehus, where you can borrow equipment that can be used for biological research of nature in the area. The pump house has developed into a gathering place for all nature lovers, but also functions as a meeting and packed lunch house and as a starting point for nature communication.

Sleep under the open sky.

Along the southern shore of Oldenor is a shelter site with a campfire site. There is ample opportunity to pick from the many hedges in late summer and fall.


The park contains both large and small areas with naturally native plant communities. Experience the park's lakes, forests and associated plant and wildlife up close.

Cultural history

With a landscape marked by the last ice age, as well as relics from the ancient times and the Middle Ages, and recent half-timbered houses, there is plenty of history to experience in Naturpark Nordals.

Outdoor Life & Dissemination

Go hiking or biking in the beautiful countryside, or take a trip on the water in a dinghy, kayak or canoe. Naturpark Nordals offers a wide range of activities.