About Us

The Mayor welcomes you.

At Nordals you will find it all. This unique corner of Denmark has always been characterized by wealth of initiative and human activity, and you will find traces in the landscape from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages and from the time of the duchies to the rapid industrial development that started with the founding of Danfoss. The background for all these stories is a nature with lakes, forests, fields and beautiful coastlines with all that this entails of opportunities for experiences in nature.

Naturpark Nordals is worth a visit, and we look forward to your visit.

Erik Lauritzen
Mayor of Sønderborg Municipality


Nordals Naturparken must be the framework for nature experiences, outdoor life and dissemination of the area's values: geology, cultural history, significant habitat types and areas with high nature quality. The nature park's activities must be anchored in local involvement.


Naturpark Nordals will build on the vision with the following goals:


The park contains both large and small areas with naturally native plant communities. Experience the park's lakes, forests and associated plant and wildlife up close.

Cultural history

With a landscape marked by the last ice age, as well as relics from the ancient times and the Middle Ages, and recent half-timbered houses, there is plenty of history to experience in Naturpark Nordals.

Outdoor Life & Dissemination

Go hiking or biking in the beautiful countryside, or take a trip on the water in a dinghy, kayak or canoe. Naturpark Nordals offers a wide range of activities.